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However we will give a brief background of the campaign here:

These are the campaign pages for our Polish Resistance RPG game based from 1941 until 1945. It takes place in the "Project Hidden" world I have created and is focused on a specific location. It does not deal with the Project Hidden governmental operations, rather it is the same world, but dealing with the resistance, nazis, mad science and the supernatural. This is both the actual historical background and campaign background.

One September 1, 1939 the fate of the Polish people and in turn the rest of the world was irrevocably changed by the September Campaign, otherwise known as the invasion of Poland. Germany invaded Poland from the north, south and west on that fateful day, engaging in battle with an army that wasn’t prepared. The Polish Army retreated to eastern Poland after several fierce battles and began their defensive line as they waited for Great Britain and France to render assistance. Great Britain and France never were able to help more then a bit of supplies.

On September 17th of that same year, the great Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east. This destroyed the Polish Army’s ability to defend as they were steamrolled by both great powers. By October 6th, 1939 Poland had ceased to exist as an independent country. The government of Poland moved to Paris France.

In Warsaw, before the surrender, a secret military organization was set up with the approval of the Supreme Commander, who was already in Romania. General Michael Karszewicz-Tokarzewski took command and gave it the name "Słuźba Zwycięstwu Polski" (Service for Poland's Victory), or "SZP". The SZP was in charge of organizing areas of resistance against both the Soviet and German invaders. They would not let anyone hold the Polish homeland without paying for it in blood.

The campaign will focus around the characters of a the Polish resistance (both male and female characters). The group will consist of soldiers who fought during the invasion, civilians drawn into the conflict and even a scattering of other nationalities. The group has been sent to Dolina Marzenie, a place called “Valley of Dreams” located in the farthest southeastern portion of Poland, in the rugged mountains before the Ukraine border.The area is known as “the Valley of Dreams” and is in an incredibly remote area. It is a source of legends, darkness and things not human that roam its dark forests.However, even with as remote as the location is, the mountains in the area are of interest to the Soviets and Germans, containing several needed natural resources and a pass that can be utilized by armored vehicles across the mountains into the Ukraine.

The Valley of Dreams is also the location of an old Catholic Monastery and the source of legends. It was said the fog of the valley was known to hide the evil that lurked in the valley and that the old Catholic church would keep defenders in the monastery to defend against these evils. It is also said that evil is drawn to the valley, the reason for this is not known possibly lost in history.



Valley of Dreams